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Pre-Lit Christmas Trees
Here is a sample of the trees we have on display. Visit our store to see our entire selection. We have over 150 trees on display in addition to a wide selection of ornaments and decorations.
Carson Spruce
Andover Spruce
Annadel Spruce
White Ashley Spruce Slim
Carolina Fraser Slim
Crystal Mountain Pine
Danbury Pine Slim
Beaumont Pine
Eastern White Pine
Cameron Spruce LED
Hamilton Pine
Cumberland Pine
Harford Pine

Harford Pine Medium

Easton Pine

Jackson Pine

Marietta Spruce

Norway Pine

Pencil Pine

Pencil Pine Close

Ranier Spruce

Huntsdale Pine

​Jefferson Spruce

Outdoor Furniture

Mil-Green - Chicago Patio Furniture
Regan Fir

Santa Clara Spruce

Snowu Mountain Pine

Tahoe Pine

Pre Lit Trees by Santa's Own
Pre Lit Trees by Neuman Tree
Highland Fir
Sweeping Fraser Fir
Diamond Ridge Spruce
Black Bear Forest Slim Tree
Franklin Fir Tree
Slim Mixed Mountain
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